• Interlocking Bricks – for Walls
  • Concrete Door Frame – for Walls
  • Concrete Window Frame – for Walls
  • Concrete Joist – for Floors
  • Concrete Pans – for Floors
  • Concrete Stringer – for Staircase
  • Concrete Treads – for Staircase
  • MCR Tiles – for Roofing

The components of Habitech Building Systems are:

1. Concrete Joist

  • Assembled in floors or roofs
  • Prefabricated in steel beds
  • Maximum length-7.1m with maximum clear span of 5.10m
  • Load bearing capcity-2000kg/m2

2. Micro Concrete Pans

  • Used as form work between the joist to cast concrete floors or roofs and forms short arches
  • Produced in vibrating tables with 1cm thickness
  • Pans stay in place after concrete is cast and can be simply painted underneath as a finished ceiling

3. Concrete Doors and Window Frames

  • Soil cement concrete frame can be cast to form complete pre-assembled units with panels and hardware already in place
  • Frames are grouted to interlocking bricks

4. Sill and Lintel

  • 2-levels of U-channel interlocking bricks with horizontal reinforcement

5. Plinth

  • 2 layer of DPC
  • 2 layers of U-channel interlocking bricks with horizontal reinforcement

6. MCR Roofing Tiles

  • Tiles are produced using workstations and ABS plastic molds
  • Thickness-8 to 10mm with corresponding weight 2.2 and 2.8kg with bearing capacity of 50 and 80kg

7. Interlocking Bricks

  • Soil cement or concrete bricks for wall are laid dry (no mortar) as the positive and negative elements automatically align the bricks
  • Water cannot penetrate the joints as grouts are filled with cement

8. Staircase

  • Free standing reinforced concrete staircase is used
  • Prefabricated using steel molds
  • Treads can be open or close

9. Foundation

  • Adjustable steel molds to cast foundation and ground floor, allow for quick and easy construction and level floors without the necessity of staking the foundation of the building

A Complete Solution for Affordable Housing

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