Growing Needs for Affordable Housing Solutions

• Growing population & rising material cost make it more challenging to build affordable homes

• Many live in poor dwellings and conditions.

• Increasing demand for new innovative technologies to build affordable houses


• The increase in housing prices is not proportionate to the rise in people’s incomes. Housing prices are increasing in an exponential rate as compared to people’s income.

• This will make houses even more expensive to build and buy in the future thus making it more unaffordable for people


New and Innovative Technologies such as Habitech Solution can help in solving this problem.

Objectives of Habitech Solution

  • Develop a technology that can provide affordable housing and social infrastructure buildings to communities
  • Develop building materials, equipment and techniques for the construction sector that can sustain life without polluting the environment
  • Disseminate the results of research and development activities through demonstration projects, educational programs, trainings and publications

Key Attributes of Habitech Solutions

Evolution of Habitech Technology